Water Transfer Printing


Currently there is a new printing technique for objects ( 3D ) , which is more practical than the painted or sticker pairs .
Ever heard Hydrographics ?
Called hydrographics or camo dipping , is a process that transfers an image or pattern to a 3D surface .
Traditional printing methods can not completely print on 3D objects , especially if any part is difficult to reach, or if the object is oddly shaped .
Water transfer printing process , eliminates this problem by soaking the object into the water , which covers the entire surface .
Hydrographics process can be performed on any material or object that is waterproof .
Materials such as metal , wood , plastic , stone , bakelite , and ceramics , which is ideal for this printing technique .

So if your car is damaged panels or stained that can not be lost , we provide the right solution for your panel innovate with hydrographics ( water transfer printing ) , with a variety of shades to choose from in our workshop ..